Investing done right is a highly service-intensive business. I’ve built a resource-heavy organization with the express purpose of delivering unparalleled service to our founders and companies via help with future fundraising, help with business development, and help with strategy.

One Partner, Zero Headaches

I created Growth Technology Partners with the purpose of funding world class startups solving massive problems. What started as a simple goal was later broken down into three sub-goals:

• First Do No harm (the creation of the Hippocratic Oath of VC).

• Always be responsive and available to portfolio CEO’s.

• Write big checks and leave ego at the door. **Update** - our partnership with 10X Capital provides us with additional institutional capital above and beyond GTP funds.

These three simple rules have allowed GTP to blossom into 28 portfolio companies with over $6.5 Billion in capital raised and an amazing network of entrepreneurs, VC firms, and the world’s largest financial institutions. I look forward to meeting with you.

By becoming part of 10X Capital, we now have truly institutional reach, with access internationally and to over $100B+ of family office, endowment, and institutional capital.

-David Weisburd

GTP Portfolio

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