Why GTP?

We Write Large Checks

Our limited partners include some of the largest institutions in the world and once engaged we move with high conviction and we can write checks ranging from $10MM-$100MM per investment.

We Are Evergreen Investors

Our capital is uniquely tailored to each portfolio company and our capital doesn’t come with an expiration date.  This ensures that portfolio CEO’s can optimize around what is best for their company and not what is best for our timeline.

We Act like Board Members (not CEO’s)

We believe that 80-90% of investors detract value from companies and therefore firmly we believe in the Hippocratic Investor’s oath of “First Do No Harm”.  We look to partner and advise top management teams, taking board seats when necessary, but we do not pretend to know more about the company than the operators and management team who run them.

We Are Truly Global

While other firms speak about their global reach, over 40% of our Limited Partners are located outside of the United States.  This allows our portfolio companies to leverage our LP base in order to help with international expansion.

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